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Orlando FL


Hello I'm Bill Doster. I'm a husband, father, and a visual story teller who's ideal client is one that values collaboration and open mindedness along with passion and dedication during the creative process.

I know you’re here for a reason – because you believe (as I do) that photography can tell a story and it’s that story that plays a major factor in your marketing goals.

My first goal is to gain my clients trust by being upfront and transparent from the first moment we interact, then deliver eye-catching, innovative and engaging photographic solutions on time no matter what it takes. You'll get over 20 years of my knowledge and experience to produce and execute any imaging need. 

I've loved being outside and on the water ever since I was young. I bring that excitement to my work as a boating and outdoor life photographer everyday. I find ultimate personal satisfaction in engaging with my subjects in a way that will evoke emotion, passion and fun for the viewer. ......We spend time on land but we live life on the water!

Please reach out to me with any photography questions. Wether they be big or small.
I'm happy to help you!