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Orlando FL
Photographing Pontoon boats in Indiana.
Epropulsion production day on  Rainbow river
Drone shot from Epropulsion production
Working on the Rainbow River
Working in the photo tower.
Mercury Racing 250R shoot in Alabama.
Crew shooting boata on Lake Wawasee in Indiana.
Hinding from the sun while shooting from the photo boat.
Gearing up for morning shoot.
I always get the best shots when my friend  Paul Barth is at the helm of his Hughes 500 helicopter.
Ready for a day in the sun on the photo boat.
Shooting in Guatemala with SaltWater Sportsman Magazine.
Flying in the Florida Keys for a Blackfin boats and Boating magazine.
Shooting with Boating magazine on Lake of the Ozarks
Packing for a shoot is always a puzzle to get it all to fit.
Capturing boating lifestyle is always important,
Another motley crew on the water shooting boats.